Safe Routes to St James’ Schools – a tragedy waiting to happen?

The crossing at Quarry Road is all but worn out

The crossing at Quarry Road is all but worn out

I’ve been contacted by numerous residents of St James’ ward over the last few weeks about the real issues of taking their children to nurseries and primary schools in the area.  St James’ has been noticeably missed out in terms of highways and footpaths maintenance in recent years, and whilst it’s easy for Councillors of other parties to simply point a finger of blame at ‘Conservative KCC’, the reason we all stand for election is to effectively represent local communities irrespective of their politics.

I’ve met a while ago with concerned local parents to ‘walk the course’, and whilst the crossing in Quarry Road to get to and from St Barnabas Primary is a disgrace – the white lines are worn away in some areas – there’s an even bigger problem at the junction of Sandrock Road and St James Road.  Over the years the road has been resurfaced so many times that tarmac and brick footways are almost flush with each other.  So when cars speed round the corner, it’s Russian roulette whether they’re travelling along road of pavement.  In many cases I’ve been told of Mums having to drag their little ones out of the path of a van or car.

We have to sort this before a fatal accident happens.  I’ve written to the Head Teacher at St James CEP School asking for an urgent meeting to discuss setting up a parent group to look at this issue.  Having highlighted the need for action in my recent newsletter, I’ve had several local volunteers already, but I’d like to hear from more.

If you have children at local St James primary schools and are finding it unsafe to walk them to school, please contact me at and tell me your stories.  If you’re prepared to get actively involved in a New Year campaign, so much the better.  We need to press the point home at KCC that we’re not prepared to gamble with our children’s lives until a tragedy forces some action.

Our children’s lives are worth more than that.


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