A Very Powerful Example

I watched Thursday evening’s Question Time from Birkenhead on BBC1 with Lembit Opik MP, Will Self, Jim Knight MP, Esther Rantzen and Nadine Dorries.  And whilst Esther Rantzen gave an empassioned argument about how Gordon Brown was simply trying to save the world economy; Jim Knight vainly attempted to justify Labour’s hopeless management of the banks, the economy, our gold reserves, and the value of the pound.

But one of the most powerful moments for me was a simple contribution from a chap in the audience:

“I think Gordon Brown thinks he’s a hero to the working man.  But for me, a working man with a family, his drop in VAT means my son’s trainers have dropped from £24.99 to £24.67.  I’d have to buy three hundred pairs of trainers to make back the difference between last year’s gas bill and this year’s gas bill.”

David Dimbleby pointed out that there wasn’t any VAT payable on trainers, and the chap pointed out that it was just an example.

But it was a very powerful example.


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