It was an easy mistake to make

Watching Lembit Opik MP on last night’s “Question Time”, I was reminded of an incident which occurred a couple of months back.  One of those surreal, random moments which left me wishing I was somewhere else.

I was meeting a colleague for lunch at Portcullis House in Westminster, and had just walked through the security barrier.  Looking around for my colleague, I saw a chap smiling at me.  Recognising Ivan Lewis MP, the then Labour’s Care Services Minister – whom I had met briefly at a recent social care conference – I walked towards him and he shook my hand warmly. “Hi” he said “How are you? It’s been a while…”

My colleague tapped me on the shoulder, and I walked away.  “How do you know Lempit Opik then?” he asked.  Bitterly disappointed that I’d shaken hands with a Liberal Democrat, I convinced myself it was an easy mistake to make.  See for yourself…


Picture of Ivan Lewis MP from – click here

Picture of Lembit Opik MP from the BBC News website – click here


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