SpeedWatch – what goes around comes around

This week’s Kent and Sussex Courier carries an article “Road Safety Drive To End Speeding Menace” by Michael Romyn, which refers to the results of the recent Ward Walks programme in Pembury, where local residents identified speeding traffic through the village as one of their key concerns.

It comments that as a result of these concerns, Pembury Parish Council intends to take part in the SpeedWatch programme run in partnership with Kent County Council and Kent Police. This scheme involves local volunteers being trained by Kent Police to use speed detection devices then report their findings to the authorities in an effort to bring dangerous drivers to book.

I’m really pleased that the Parish Council is taking this initiative, and even more pleased that several local volunteers have come forward to be trained.

But what the article fails to point out is that we’ve been here already, and that I donated several hundred pounds of my Member Grant some years ago to buy the equipment needed. Indeed, local residents Steve and Alison Morton have spent many a cold dark evening and rainy Sunday afternoon standing in the High Street, Lower Green Road and other known ‘black spots’, picking up data and sending in their reports to the police.

Indeed, the minutes of the Pembury Community Partnership from as long ago as June 2005 makes reference to the initiative. Steve Morton was at one stage loading his data onto the Pembury website, but I don’t seem to be able to find it now.

In the words of Justin Timberlake – what goes around comes around…


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