Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

So – another year, another Queen’s Speech.  But despite Michael Martin’s best efforts at drawing attention to himself by his gross incompetence (Police search? Why ask for a warrant?) Her Majesty gave her customary speech.  So what was new?

  • A Banking Bill which gives a framework for “protecting bank depositors”
  • A Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill – a particular favourite is the bit that says those who ‘fail to integrate’ in the UK, or commit ‘even minor crimes’ “will have their applications slowed down”
  • A Coroner’s and Justice Bill, part of which will introduce legislation “to stop criminals selling their story”
  • A Health Bill which extends the powers of the Ombudsman to look into complaints from people who have arranged their own adult social care.
  • A Local Democracy Bill which demands that local councils ‘promote democracy’
  • A Welfare Reform Bill which promises ‘sanctions’ against those who don’t attend Job Centre interviews and work-focussed interviews for the over 60s.

Perhaps someone will tell me if there is any one of the problems which these new Bills are meant to address which hasn’t been either created – or at least made worse – by ten years of Labour mismanagement – of the economy, of our education system, of our elderly and vulnerable.

Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?


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