From the mouths of babes and cabbies…

I was told about an interesting conversation with a mini-cab driver today from Pembury to Lamberhurst.  The driver chose to take a route down the new Lamberhurst Bypass, towards the Scotney Castle Land Bridge felt by some to be massively expensive and entirely unneccessary.  He commented how the bypass has made Lamberhurst Village much more peaceful since its construction; how he had a friend who lived in the village who felt it was ‘like a cul-de-sac now’.

He then commented on the traffic calming measures – ‘dragon’s teeth’ kerb buildouts, chicanes, humps, speed cushions – every conceivable item of traffic calming has been installed in Lamberhurst, then a bypass built which took all the traffic away anyway, leaving us local residents to swear and curse as our exhaust pipes and front skirts scrape and scratch on the over-engineered nonsense.

“I’ve heard all this cost nearly a million pounds” said the cabbie.  “How can you qualify that? That council lot – they’re all on the take aren’t they…”

From the mouths of babes and cabbies…


One Response to From the mouths of babes and cabbies…

  1. Fred says:

    Going the long way round was he… Pembury to Tunbridge Wells via Lamberhurst

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