Stop the madness at Haringay

Better late than never.  Haringay has finally bowed to pressure and begun to resolve the tragedy of Baby P’s torture and killing.  Finally, Haringay Council Leader George Meehan has resigned, and Lead Member for Children Liz Santry has stood down.

Director of Children’s Service Sharon Shoesmith has been ‘removed from her post’ but is currently on full pay, as have Clive Preece, Head of Children in Need and Safeguarding and Cecilia Hitchen, Deputy Director of Children’s Services.

Actions taken today include the appointment of John Coughlan from Hampshire County Council to Ms Shoesmith’s role whilst the Government seeks to recruit a permanent replacement.  In addition, Graham Badman – until last Friday our own Director of Children, Families and Education at Kent County Council – takes over from Ms Shoesmith as Chairman of the local Safeguarding Children Board.

Government action to stop the madness at Haringay may be too late to save little Victoria Climbier or tiny Baby P, but let’s all pray that the involvement of caring professionals will ensure this never happens again.


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