A Belated Apology

So Councillor George Meehan, Leader of Haringay Council, has finally apologised for the failings of his authority which contributed to the death of Baby P.

There was apparently angry heckling and jeering from members of the public whilst the apology was given. I can’t say I’m surprised – what chance did Baby P have when the professionals seemed to care even less than his evil parents about whether he lived or died?

Rather than a belated apology, wouldn’t Cllr Meehan’s colleagues have done better to have learned the lessons of the Laming Inquiry so that Climbie would never happen again?


One Response to A Belated Apology

  1. jackie pentecost says:

    hi would you be willing to attend parliment square on 6th of dec to highlight this as if it need highlightening there is going to be thousands of people going from all over

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