Post Offices – the Government’s social responsibility

Isn’t it great news thatthe Government have seen fit to award the benefits contract back to Post Office Counters?

I understand this should save the futures of around 3000 small Post Offices earmarked for closure.

But for how long? The traditional Post Office model has been overtaken – the Internet, faxes, and now emails have reduced the reliance on a ‘man in a van’ collecting at the local post box. The industrial actions of yesteryear have impacted on perceptions of reliability, and a failure to “move with the times” have seen corporate custom moving elsewhere.

A local Post Office worker told me that since services were opened up to private competition a few years ago, Post Ofice sorting staff were told to prioritise the competition’s work before their own, then penalised for not completing their own volumes!

it really is time that our Government faced up to their responsibilities. If they continue to remain as majority shareholder in the Post Office empire, they should see the social responsibility of providing a domestic mail service, not just view it as a balance sheet activity as and when it suits them.


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