The Great God EU

I received an email from Euro MP Daniel Hanna today, which tells me the European Court of Auditors have, for the fourteenth year in succession, again refused to sign off accounts for the EU budget. Surely, however sad, this must be some kind of record? Two other points of interest leapt out at me:

First, that surprisingly, Britain is the second largest net contributor to the EU, behind only Germany. I recall somebody telling me years ago that our daily financial ‘subscription’ was in the reagion of £16,000,000. Yes, sixteen million pounds a day. How many roads, schools and hospitals could we build with that kind of cash, let alone the spaghetti of red tape and bureaucracy that seems to dog much of our lives?

Lastly, to put these telephone numbers into perspective – Daniel mentions that if we didn’t have to pay our dues to the Great God EU, with the savings we could at a stroke wipe two thirds off every council tax bill.

in these recessionary times, with everybody counting the pennies, can we really afford that level of funding?

Read Daniel Hannan’s Daily Telegraph blog at;


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