Parking Meters – a target for organised crime?

I had an interesting chat with a chap last week; he installs parking systems – meters, pay and display and so on.

It’s often a difficult job, because for some areas he can only get permits for hours at a time to work in central reservations or in high-security areas.  But last week, he was called in to replace pay and display units which had been stolen.

It seems that one of the London Boroughs range up to complain that their parking machines were being targeted by an Eastern European gang, who were carefully watching which locations took the most cash, then nipping back under cover of darkness to take the meters off their mounting and take them off to steal the cash they contained.

Apparently some of these meters – which are emptied daily – can contain as much as three thousand pounds each, which makes them an ideal target for organised criminals.  But ironically, they cost the council around seven thousand pounds to replace.

Parking meters as a target for organised crime – what’s the world coming to?


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