Manston Airport – a great opportunity

I was fortunate last week to meet with some of the management of Infratil, the New Zealand-owned organisation responsible for running Manston Airport.  Since the demise of EUJet a few years back, Infratil have turned the airport around and have ambitious expansion plans.

They are a very professional and forward-looking group of people, and as their plans develop it will be rewarding to see the jobs and opportunity that this creates in the local area.

I only hope the recent spectre of a floating Estuary airport can be quietly put back in its box in favour of an expansion of existing facilities.


2 Responses to Manston Airport – a great opportunity

  1. steve says:


    As someone who lives under Manstons flight path, I am against any expansion. In fact, I’d actively support any idea to a change of the lands use.

    The floating island/land relciam idea may not be the best for the natural envoronment, but if other major crowded places (such as HK, Osaka, Singapore) can do it, so can we at least entertain the idea.

    You, as a kent county councillor, should be supporting views aired by your “subjects”, and not just the businesses. I suggest you read their masterplan document – pure fantasy, no substance, and misleading.

    Infratil have had 3 year now, and we have seen the market deterioirate, jobs not materialise, and the only increase in flights have been training flights, where planes repeatedly go round and round and no-one can get onn them, no freight is transferred etc etc. What is the point?

    London has 4 other airports, 120,000 people in Thanet cannot support or justfy an airport of 297 hectares with 50 passenger flights ar year.

    As a councillor, you should be supporting the best use for land for all of kents population. 10 years in total as a private airport has produced nothing. I suggest you and your colleagues start looking at getting the best value out of the assets you manage, and start penalising businesses with huge resources that giving nothing but noise, pollution and very little jobs for the assets they manage.

  2. Ged says:

    I totally agree with the above comments from Steve. By any measure, the ‘Masterplan’ is a bit off fluff and spin. How do I put this…WE DON’T OUR LIVES WRECKED BY THE NOISE OF JET-ENGINES….Simple really.

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