The Sherwood Lake in the morning


I started yesterday with a visit to the TN2 Community Centre in Greggs Wood Road, to catch up with some of the Trustees.  It was a crisp, chilly morning, with the remains of a dawn mist.  Arriving at the TN2 Community Centre, I had a long chat over coffee with Jenny Bays, who had just finished leading the daily walking bus to Sherwood Primary School.

Jenny is still buzzing from having one of the new 277 midibuses named after her, and with a smile, observed that Arriva said she had been a volunteer in Sherwood for 30 years, whereas it’s actually forty years!

I was really pleased to see that this week the “Gallery Cafe” had opened, using the TN2 kitchen to provide hot and cold food and drink.  The cafe area was quite busy today, and I wished I’d known that they served a full cooked breakfast before I ate my cereal this morning!

I took a moment to walk down to the lake behind TN2, and couldn’t resist taking this photograph, before I moved on to my meeting at Little Forest Children’s Centre.

The Sherwood Lake first thing in the morning is truly beautiful.


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