Obama’s War Chest – Staggering

Got home tonight at around 11.15, just before coverage of the US elections began on BBC1 with Dimbleby et al.

So after the highs and lows of the last fews weeks, after the hockey mom, after ‘Bob the Plaumber’, after “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”, after Obama’s ailing grandmother, it all comes down to the will of the people.  Yesterday I noticed BBC News 24 showing just a seven point lead for Obama over McCain.

The DVD is set to record for the next eight hours, and I’ll catch up with it tomorrow.  But for now, two figures stick in my mind.

Firstly, that 32% of the electorate voted early – which seems an early indication of a really high turnout.

Secondly, that Obama – who has apparently led in the polls since September – raised a war chest for his campaign of $659,000,000.  That’s six hundred and fifty nine million dollars.


(to see the BBC coverage of the US elections, click on this link)


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