Beyond Even Labour’s Cynical Best

From a recent front page story in the Tunbridge Wells Courier on lap dance clubs, you may recall that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council received an enquiry to its planning department relating to opening a lap dance club in the town centre.  At the time, I ran a poll on this blog site, with one simple question – is this appropriate for Tunbridge Wells or is it not?  Today’s results are interesting – 63% against this kind of development, as opposed to 38% in favour of such a facility.

I felt so strongly about this issue that I wrote to the Courier, who kindly printed my letter.  Since then I’ve received many emails and calls of support, which is very kind.

Several people found it odd that the LibDem’s David Neve actually went into print stating that he “isn’t against this application”.  Clearly everybody is entitled to their own view, but this position certainly hasn’t proved popular, and elected politicians have a duty to represent their electorate.

The real villains of the peace, of course, are this dreadful Labour Government, whose 2003 Licensing Act puts lap dancing clubs in the same category of permissions as a cafe or restaurant, rather than creating legislation which allows local council planning committees to accurately represent the views of their communities.

To espouse ‘localism’, as Gordon Brown does at every turn, then create strait-jacket legislation that hampers and curtails local councils is surely beyond even Labour’s cynical best.


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