Radio Kent on Tourism

On Thursday I took the day off to be with my two daughters.  Well nearly all day.  We all had to be up at 6am to get to the BBC Radio Kent studios in Tunbridge Wells so that I could do a live interview with John Warnett on Kent tourism and the Visit Kent organisation.

I’d forwarned them that I’d have to bring my two children with me, I assumed they would sit in the control room, quietly watching through the studio glass as I finished my spot.

In the event, John as always was really welcoming, and invited the girls into the studio to sit around the desk as we chatted.  It was a real thrill for my kids and as I said to them both, something they would remember for ages.

It was also very apt to be discussing tourism, and I made the point that we’re really fortunate to have so many wonderful places to visit and things to do in this county of ours.  There are so many undiscovered jewels to unearth, and school holidays are an ideal time to go looking.

(To go to the Visit Kent website, click on this link)


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