The Sherwood Shuttles Have Landed!

Greg and Kevin with two of the new Sherwood Shuttles

It’s been an interesting year.  On 17th September last year I organised a public meeting at the TN2 Centre, “Make Your Voice Heard” (click here to see the flyer), and invited Keith Ferrin, KCC’s Highways Cabinet Member to come along and hear at first hand how angry we all were that the state of Greggs Wood Road had become so bad that Arriva were concerned about the safety of their buses driving along the uneven and cracked surface.  The point was made loud and strong, and reinforced again on 4th April this year at a further meeting, when we also discussed the quality of the buses on the route.

Starting this summer, KCC Highways repaired and resurfaced Greggs Wood Road from the top end down to Harries Road, putting and end to years of local frustration.  Then on 7th July, a meeting between Arriva, Greg Clark MP, myself, Borough Councillor Ted Jolley and interested local residents talked about the quality of buses and the practicality of the routes (“A Partnership Win for Sherwood” – click here to read blog) ended with a promise from Arriva to look at providing new midibuses.

And today – just a year after that original public meeting – Arriva brought their three brand new midibuses to Sherwood.  At £100,000 each, these vehicles represent the latest in accessibility, with drop ramps and no steps inside.  They also have very green credentials with minimal exhaust emissions, and no less than five CCTV cameras – one at the front, one at the side and three onboard – for added safety and security.

We welcomed these buses – named after local volunteer Jenny Bays, St Philips Rev Brian Senior and Sherwood Head Keith Marden – to the route this afternoon, taking the first journey round the estate and back to TN2.

From January 2009, when the route variation licences are granted, the routing will also be changed to run past St Philips Court and the Medical Centre.  So congratulations to Arriva for listening, and more importantly to the residents of Sherwood for making their voices heard.

(For the new 277 bus routing and timetable, click on this link)


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