It’s the rest of us that need updating

The technology magazine “BBC Click Online” this morning, was filmed in Taiwan, where the reporter presented the latest in emerging laptop technology.  There are now laptops made of bamboo; laptops which emit perfume whilst warming up; even laptops shaped like tractors and dogs.

I was reminded of how, as part of the “Connecting Kent” broadband programme a few years ago, we introduced the visionary Tablet PC into our schools. I was convinced that a laptop whose screen could be used as ‘electronic writing paper’ was the best thing since sliced bread. The ability to hand write notes on the touch-sensitive screen and have the laptop transcribe them into a word processed document is a massive time saver.

Although personally I have used a tablet ever since, they just don’t seem to have taken off as I thought they would.

I suspect that whilst the technology’s fine, it’s the rest of us that need updating!


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