Lollipop news is sweet!

Kevin Lynes and Cath Thewlis outside Pembury Primary School

Kevin Lynes and Cath Thewlis outside Pembury Primary School

I spoke last week to Cath Thewlis, Head Teacher at Pembury Primary School regarding our battle to recruit a replacement lollipop person.  After setting up two parents’ meetings, and organising television coverage on BBC South East and Meridian as well as a live outside broadcast about the problem on BBC Radio Kent, we got several applicants, but still hadn’t cracked the problem.  The Pembury Conservative team ran a front page article on our recent “In Touch” newsletter (“What Price Our Children’s Safety?”) as a result of which I understand a successful volunteer approached the school.

I was made aware of delays at KCC in processing the applicant, and subsequently ‘pushed’ the matter at County Hall.  As a result, one of our Pembury team – Borough Councillor Mike Tompsett – emailed me yesterday to say he’d just met the new lollipop lady working outside the school!

Local residents were amused by the recent LibDem “Focus” newsletter in which David Neve cynically claimed to be “concerned” about the issue.  They even claimed to have played some part in the success of joint working between Pembury Conservatives and local parents and residents – interesting as they haven’t set foot on the school site for years!

But notwithstanding this, I’m pleased that we’ve resolved the issue and that the pupils of Pembury can now cross the nightmarish Lower Green Road safely.  Well done Pembury!


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