We really can get what we want

Greg Clark, Kevin, Ted Jolley and local residents meet with Heath Williams and Brian O'Kane from Arriva

Greg Clark, Kevin Lynes, and Ted Jolley meet with Heath Williams and Brian O'Kane of Arriva

With two public meetings, a live broadcast on Radio Kent, front page on the Kent and Sussex Courier and a recent meeting between Arriva, Greg Clark MP, myself and local residents, I’m pleased that finally we appear to be getting somewhere with Greggs Wood Road and Sherwood transport issues.

I was pleased earlier this year to be able to save the Sunday bus service, which was withdrawn in the Spring, but which I managed to persuade KCC to continue funding through a different operator as an additional route on an existing service.  In recent weeks, the resurfacing of Greggs Wood Road down to Harries Road has brought safety to bus routes using the route, which will no longer ‘rock’ on the uneven road surface.

And since the recent meeting with Arriva, I hear we can expect some new vehicles on the 277 route – more about this in the next few weeks.

All of which goes to show that if a community finds its voice and works together, we really can get what we want.


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