Good luck Walter – many happy journeys!

Thought I’d share a heart warming story with you.  At the end of July I visited the Margate Drop In Centre (Margate Drop In Centre, July 30) where I met the learning disabled service users who were all really cheerful, and very supportive of each other.  One of these, Walter – known to his friends as Elvis! – had something of a fear of buses, since he was involved in an accident with one some years before.

His friends from the Centre gave Walter back his confidence to get on a bus again, and he had taken his first bus journey just a week before.  Yesterday, I received a message from Walter through this blog site (which is why I feel it’s okay to share it with you).  It went like this:

“Dear Kevin
Do you remember me from the drop-in Margate. Since I saw you I haue been to Canterbury on the bus twice and i have a bus pass now. I enjoyed going to Canterbury and I am going again on 30th October We are putting on a Variety Show on the 19th November and we would like to invite you along.


I’ll be trying hard to clear my diary on November 19th so I can see my friends from Margate again.  Good luck Walter, and many happy journeys!


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