Hard working teachers – admired and listened to

I see that Shadow Education Secretary Michael Gove is to announce that a Conservative Government would introduce a revisited version of the 1945 Amercian “GI Bill”, which honoured returning WWII servicemen and women by offering them free university education.

With around seventy percent of those leaving the services at Sergeant level or higher aspiring to work in a training role, this UK version of the American “Troops to Teachers” initiative seems to me a clever move.

The Conservatives would target a five fold rise in the numbers of ex-servicemen to be trained as Skills Force instructors working with hard-to-reach and vulnerable young people, and offer nine thousand pound busaries to ex-servicemen as an incentive to undertake post-graduate teacher training.

Loss of respect in the classroom is cited by growing numbers of teachers as the main reason for leaving the profession.  With increasing numbers of pupils feeling they can ignore, insult and even assault their teachers with impunity, this idea might just start to restore an atmosphere of discipline in the classroom, where our hard working teachers are once again admired and listened to.


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