Falling back on yah-boo politics

I was fascinated to see today’s “AM” with Andrew Marr, when he intereviewed David Cameron up in Birmingham.  The conversation covered a range of subjects, including the credit crunch and its impact on Britain’s financial institutions.  With the news today that Bradford and Bingley may well be privatised, (click here to see BBC News coverage) the conversation was timely.

At all times, Cameron was careful to stress the willingness of the Conservative front bench to ‘work alongside’ Gordon Brown’s government to resolve these issues, but he remained clear that blanket privatisation would simply pass the risks over to the British taxpayer, something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

Contrast this with the later Politics Show, where reporter Jon Sopel interviewed Housing Minister Yvette Cooper.  Time after time, she pointed an accusing finger at the Conservatives despite Jon Sopel trying to bring her back to Labour’s failings.  He even acknowledged that “it’s Party Conference season”, but having knocked the Conservatives, she should return to the issue in hand.

As the Conservative lead over Labour widens, for Gordon Brown’s front bench to fall back on ‘yah boo’ politics will simply strengthen Cameron’s lead.


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