Yves “JetMan” Rossy – such an adventurous spirit

Forty eight year old former Mirage fighter jet pilot and now Airbus captain Yves Rossy has flown into the record books as the first person to fly solo across the English Channel on a jet-propelled wing.  His attempt had been thwarted yesterday by weather conditions.

Today, Rossy climbed into a light aircraft which climbed to just over eight thousand feet before his team ignited the jets on his wing, and he jumped out, steering with his head and back.

Ten minutes later, he circled the watching crowd in Dover before landing in a field.

These days, every news bulletin is full of bad news and uncertainty.  Everything around us seems so uncertain.  Against that, isn’t it a real shot in the arm to see such adventurous spirit?

(to see the BBC News coverage of Yves Rossy’s flight, click here)


3 Responses to Yves “JetMan” Rossy – such an adventurous spirit

  1. Rita says:

    Astonishing news…..
    I saw some video links and a couple of photos of the first flight in the below link


  2. yvesrossy says:

    Watch Yves “Jet Man” Rossy Videos on his YouTube Channel

    Yves Rossy

  3. Keith Morris says:

    Kevin, just for absolute clarity Yves landed in a field just outside St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe. Noel Coward, Ian Fleming, Miriam Margoles, Peter Ustinov. Princess Margaret, Bleriot and now Yves Rossy. Our village certainly has got a lot of history, and Yves is adding to it. Come and visit some time.

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