Makes a change from the Mayor of Blackpool’s Drinks reception…

Having been a regular attendee at the Conservative Party Conference for some years, I decided not to go this year.  Accommodation was really hard to find unless I was prepared to travel in from miles out of town, and room prices demonstrated the cynicism shown by some hotel and hospitality organisations towards major events in their locality, with normal rates hiked by ten, fifteen or more percent just because it’s “Party Conference Season”.

So I won’t be receiving my usual Conference Guide, detailing the hundreds of fringe events available, and packed with little coloured A5 sheets granting me entrance to anything from the “Conservative Smokers’ Reception” to the “Conservative Jewish Association” receptions.

This year’s handbook has apparently been outsourced to an organisation called Marketing Birmingham, a local PR agency.  Tasked with showcasing the very best Birmingham has to offer, they have this year included a ten pound discount voucher for The Rocket Club, a lap dancing venue just around the corner from the International Conference Centre, where ‘discerning businessmen’ are guaranteed “on any night we have up to 50 of the world’s most beautiful girls from around the world”.

Makes a change from the Mayor of Blackpool’s Drinks Reception at the Winter Gardens…

To see the BBC News coverage of this story, click here


2 Responses to Makes a change from the Mayor of Blackpool’s Drinks reception…

  1. Disappointed says:

    I had started to reaffirm my faith that you were in touch with the modern world following the fiasco of the ‘cheeky girls’ posting. Advertisng the promotion of a lap dancing club at the Conservative conference has again demonstrated that my faith is pointless. With Labour on a decline not seen for many years, the ‘new Conservatives’ should represent hope and a new start for the country. With attitudes like yours it is hard to see how anything will ever change, especially in relation to attitudes to women.

    Even if it was not heartfelt, surely a comment condeming the promotion of male titillation would have been more helpful than making light of the sexist attitudes that clearly still prevail.

  2. […] A couple of days ago I published a piece about the forthcoming Conservative Party Conference (“Makes a Change from the Mayor of Blackpool’s Drinks Reception”, 22 September).  The piece told the story of how a third-party PR agency in Birmingham, charged with organising […]

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