It’s an absolute disgrace

Following on from the last posting about a colleague’s young son in the army, I was told a couple of other stories relating to our forces out in Afghanistan.

The first is that our servicemen and women regularly receive packages from America.  These packages, which are usually labelled “To A British Soldier”, don’t contain DVDs or games.  They contain food.  Simple, basic foodstuffs sent by average American families, who have heard from their own sons and daughters of the chronic lack of basic supplies for our soldiers, and are sending charity food parcels.

The second story relates to a large group of British soldiers who were told they would be coming home.  Weeks passed, and the soldiers informed their loved ones of the date that they’d be arriving.  They were flown to an airport at Larnaca in Cyprus, the first leg of their homecoming.  There they were told that because of cutbacks, the Army didn’t have an aircraft to bring them on their final journey back to Britain.

So what did our brave fighters do?  Stranded and sold out miles from home, many of them got out their wallets and paid for scheduled commercial flights to get them back.

The political masters at Number Ten should hang their heads in shame.  Charity cases?  No flights home?  It’s an absolute disgrace.


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