A “little bit towards the war effort”

Watching BBC1’s “The Undercover Soldier” tonight, a story of Army recruits bullied at The Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut in Surrey, (to see the BBC coverage of the original story – click here), I was reminded of a story I was told recently by a work colleague, which after the Deepcut revelations, went some way to restoring my faith in people.

His son is a soldier, about to be sent out to Afghanistan.  He has been told by colleagues already out there, that inappropriate diet has led to many British soldiers falling prey to a dental condition which leaves their teeth pitted and holed.  For this reason, he went to his dentist and asked how much to ‘seal’ his teeth.

“£30 per tooth” replied his dentist.  On replying that he only had £100, the dentist offered to discount his rate to £20, as he knew his parents.

As he began the treatment, he asked the young man why he needed it, and the young man told him about conditions in Afghanistan.  The dentist responded by sealing all his teeth for £100 inclusive.

He said it was his “little bit towards the war effort.”

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