How would you feel?

You’ll all have heard about the Large Hadron Collider experiment yesterday in Geneva.  Five billion pounds worth of hi-tech equipment which, at eight thirty yesterday morning, was to create an experimental black hole under controlled laboratory conditions.

Radio stations were gleeful at eight thirty one, of course, because there hadn’t been a tell tale peach-coloured glow in the sky, or a deafining swirling noise.

At my eldest daughter’s school, rumours were rife.  The commentators had got it wrong, the black hole would open up at two o’clock and swallow up the world.

At two o’clock, allegedly by accident, a girl in Year 8 fell against the fire alarm, setting it off.  And as the alarm went off, my daughter asked a friend “is there a fire then?” to which the widely-perceived reply came: “No.  It’s a Black Hole, and we’re being given a two minute warning.  You’ve got two minutes to ring your family.”

My daughter was terrified, of course.  And whilst I’m sure some will put this down to a childhood prank, it really wasn’t that funny.  Certainly for one little girl who thought she’d never see her family again.

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