A shaggy dog story?

Just heard a great story from Johnny Vaughan, breakfast DJ on London’s Capital Radio. It seems his dog was unwell with a dodgy tummy. Vaughan needed to take him to the vet, and covered the tan leather passenger seat of his car with a towel for protection against the effects of the tummy bug.

He put the dog in the car and went back to lock the house. The dog, preferring the smell and feel of the leather driver’s seat, climbed across, knocking the gear stick into ‘Drive’. The car lurched forward, pushing the car in front into a waste skip.

Trying to make a claim, his insurance company refused, on the basis that "the dog wasn’t a named driver". Vaughan eventually claimed on his pet insurance, but commented that since his car premium was several hundred, but his pet insurance considerably less, he may as well cancel the car insurance and let his dog drive him everywhere…


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