Should it matter that she’s female?

I watched an item on the news last week on “Mumpreneurs” – a new buzz phrase for Mums running a business.

It seems there was a competition, and a final judging and presentation at Number 11 Downing Street.

The winning ‘Mumpreneur’ was announced. Apparently she’s bringing up children, running a business, “and she’s had to learn to drive a fork lift”.

Is it just me? This whole thing seemed to be patronising in the extreme – why do these ‘Mumpreneurs’ have to be ‘Mums running businesses’? Why can’t they just be great business people bringing up a family as well?

And as for having to learn to drive a fork lift truck – what about all the women during the second World War who made sure our factories, our shops, our offices – indeed our whole country – continued to run.

Or the latest TV advert for Navy careers, which focuses on a flight mechanic who maintains multi-million pound fighter aircraft on board an aircraft carrier out at sea.

Should it matter that she’s female?

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