Don’t you just love a happy ending?

We’ve done it! At tonight’s meeting of the Tunbridge Wells Joint Transportation Board, borough and county councillors agreed that Sandhurst Road in Sherwood should have a pedestrian crossing as soon as possible.

Residents present at the meeting – including campaigner Lynne Martindale, herself partially sighted and finding crossing Sandhurst Road particularly difficult – heard officers present a paper suggesting that several road improvements should be made to prevent speeding traffic and to improve road safety for local residents.

As the local County Councillor, I spoke about the residents of St Philip’s Court who were marooned between Sandhurst Road and Liptraps Lane; of the pupils at Sherwood Park Primary School, one of whom had already been knocked down while trying to cross the road; and of so many local residents, including Lynne, who took their lives in their hands simply trying to get from one side of the road to the other.

Local development, in the form of the Barnardos development along Sandhurst Road, has provided much-needed funding by way of Section 106 funding. The sum, £25,000, will pay for a much-needed first pedestrian crossing, whilst studies are already being made into further improvements along this ‘rat run’ between Pembury Road and the industrial estate.

After the vote, local Borough Councillor Frank Williams and I met with several local residents outside the meeting, and the happines on their faces said it all. Very soon, residents young and old will be able to cross this busy road without worry.

Residents working alongside elected councillors and eventually winning. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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