A Slow News Week?

I see from this week’s Kent Messenger (http://www.kentmessenger.co.uk/) that Paul Francis, the KM’s award-winning Political Editor has devoted a whole third of his “Off The Record” column this week to a story on my blog. Mr Francis picked up on a posting about Andy Abraham coming last in the Eurovision Song Contest, and what a nonsense the whole event had become, with countries voting for near neighbours and allies.

Sadly, this was no scoop – Mr Francis was the second journalist to comment on the same story. David Brindle from The Guardian had mentioned it in introducing me just the week before at a Social Care event at St Stephen’s Club.

Flattering though the attention was, it must have been a very slow news week Paul!

The acid test, of course, was how such high profile gilt-edged coverage would upwardly affect the readership of my blogsite. With a growing sense of anticipation, I opened up my “Stats” file earlier today…

Absolutely no additional readership at all! Maybe I should take Paul’s advice and comment on George Sampson and “Britain’s Got Talent” next time?

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