Monkee Business

Three fascinating, and totally disconnected, facts I heard today relating to the sixties pop group The Monkees:

Firstly, guitarist Mike Nesmith’s mother was the inventor of Tipp-Ex (or SnoPake if you’re American);

Secondly, that in the auditions run by the record label to find the four members of the group for the world’s first “manufactured boy band”, one of the final twelve successful auditions was no other than “Helter Skelter” psychotic multiple murderer Charles Manson;

And thirdly, that although Manson never made it into The Monkees, he did go on to compose with singer Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, one of the group’s ‘b’ side songs.

Fascinating, huh?


One Response to Monkee Business

  1. Rachael says:

    You are correct that Mike’s mom invented Liquid Paper, but the info about Manson auditioning has been a long-standing rumor….he was in the slammer at the time the auditions were being held, in 1965. However he did have dealings with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys…he’d wrote a song but was turned down by Wilson. Sharon Tate was renting the house Wilson did when Manson was involved with him….Manson and his group thought they were going after Wilson when instead it was Tate and the others.

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