Brown hits slippery patch on oil

Just saw this story from the KCC Press Office:

“Gordon Brown has urged oil industry leaders to come up with ideas for improving supplies as fuel prices soar. The government has announced new moves to increase oil production in the North Sea. Number 10 says it wants to make the most of the UK’s reserves.”

Isn’t this just typical? The Government makes a higher profit off fuel tax than almost any other country, yet faced with impossibly high fuel costs at the pump, faced with the slow lingering death of our once-great haulage industry, faced with motorists rebelling against unaffordable fill-ups, what does our Prime Minister do?

Does he look at ways to reduce the price at the pump? Does he explore alternative energies? Does he look at tax breaks for hauliers? Does he use the obscene Government windfall from the rocketing barrel price of crude to ease the pressure?

No. He orders North Sea production to be raised, using up precious resources faster so he can provide more over-taxed fuel and make even more profit from his own citizens.

Enough is enough. End the madness. Change the Government.


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