Secondary School Admissions in Kent

Having seen the number of visitors who have reached this site by searching for phrases such as “Grammar Schools” or “School Admissions Process”, I felt I could offer some more practical assistance as well as spouting off about the petty, small-minded, “I’m-alright-Jack” mentality of this Labour Government, who seem hell bent on destroying selective education at any cost.

Last year my daughter left primary school and we entered, like thousands before us, the maze that is school admissions. We were at various times confused, frightened and angry, feeling that if we put a foot wrong we would be wrecking our daughter’s life for ever.

I have three pieces of advice:

I hope within these three points, you find something of help. Remember, when you get to put your case at an appeal, don’t argue as to why your child won’t like the school you’ve been given; argue as to why he or she will positively bloom at the school for which you’re appealing.

Remember in your preparation to ask the school admissions staff for the PAN (Published Admissions Number) for the last five years or so, as well as the number the school actually admitted – if the latter is higher, this will allow you to demolish the argument that to take extra “will prejudice the efficient delivery of education” as they’ve already set a precedent.

Ask also whether there is any ‘fall out’ during the school year. Most schools lose the odd one or two pupils during the course of a year or two because the family moves, or the school doesn’t always suit. If this is the case, you could argue that admitting your will only push numbers up for a few months.

Don’t lose heart – and good luck!


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