Did anyone watch Cherie Blair on The One Show on BBC1 this evening?

First I was struck by the sheer lack of any real point, other than her boasting about meeting the Pope and her Catholic grandmother being so proud as she sat in Heaven looking down.

Next came the cheesy bit. Apparently Stevie Wonder sang “My Cherie Amour” just for her at the White House. She told us how, at the age of 14, she told all her school friends how she wanted to be the first female Prime Minister. Although Margaret Thatcher got there first – which was “really important” – “at least she ended up living there, even if it was because of my husband”.

Then I was dumbfounded when she told us the usual reaction she got from people whom she met was that “she looked so much prettier in person”. Really?

Finally I was disgusted as she commented on their film about Gypsies and Travellers and unauthorised encampments. She spoke about the need for ‘balance’ between nimbyism and upholding human rights. Then Adrian Chiles asked whether, having just bought Sir John Gielgud’s house (they paid four million pounds for the seven bedroom South Pavilion in Wotton Underwood in Bucks), Cherie and Tony would mind having an unauthorised encampment on their own manicured garden.

Never mind the Blair’s burgeoning property portfolio. It was the look on Cherie Blair’s face that was priceless…


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