How low can Brown’s low-point go?

Fascinating to watch Andrew Marr’s “AM” show on TV this morning. Fraser Nelson of the Spectator and Jane Moore from the Sun were discussing the veracity of opinion polls, and whether journalists actually believed the polls themselves, or in denying them, put the press behind public opinion.

They discussed the latest YouGov poll which has the Conservatives a full twenty percent ahead of Labour and predicts a comfortable win in the forthcoming Crewe bye-election.

The death of Gwyneth Dunwoody was sad – she was an outspoken old Labour warrior who certainly galvanised members on both sides of the Chamber when she was kind enough to come to Kent County Council to teach us scrutiny techniques.

What is appalling is how – before the funeral had taken place, her daughter, Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey had been parachuted in from Pembroke where she’d already been rejected – not exactly a local candidate, and not exactly a true selection process.

With Labour’s fortunes seemingly getting worse by the week, Fraser Nelson asked the question – how low can Gordon Brown’s low point go?

An interesting question. Doubtless the coming weeks and months will tell.


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