All aboard the Barna-Bus!

I spent yesterday in my constituency, and dropped in for a coffee with Father Edward Tomlinson of Saint Barnabas’ Church in Quarry Road.

It’s wonderful to see that his vision for a pre-school nursery has come to fruition. Saint Barnabas Parish has long needed decent pre-school provision, and although the catchment of Sherwood’s Little Forest Children’s Centre includes St James’, Sherwood and Pembury, it’s ridiculous to imagine that young Mums from Camden Road and its surroundings would actually push their youngsters all the way to Friars Way.

The Barna-Bus Pre-School opened on 6th May for two to five year olds, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. Offereing two sessions a day from 9am to midday, and from midday to 3pm, it’s just £7.50 a session and free for children over three years.

But the Pre-School is just the start of the ambitious vision for this site – watch this blog for details.

If you want further details on the Barna-Bus Pre-School, contact Pippa Anderson on 0776 577048.


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