Conservatives are for life – not just for elections

Another busy morning out canvassing in St James, with Borough candidate Alan McDermott. We were joined by Peter Dunlop, Chairman of Hawkhurst Parish Council, and Greg Clark, our MP. We canvassed several roads, and everywhere the reception was the same – really pleased that someone had made the effort to come and talk about local issues.

One couple were genuinely surprised that neither of their Liberal Democrat Borough Councillors had contacted me as their County Councillor in all the years I’d been representing St James’ ward. It was even more interesting when the lady turned out to be the Lib Dem candidate’s daughter! But – as we’ve done on so many doorsteps over the last few weeks – I gave her my number and suggested that she call me herself if she had any problems.

Our candidate, Alan, really has grown into his role. When he gets elected, he will join the rest of the small Conservative team knocking doors one Saturday each month, keeping up with local issues, and proving that Conservatives are for life, not just for elections.

Mind you, seeing the Liberal Democrats anywhere in St James’ ward would be novel – even during the election campaign.


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